Back in 2002 in Leicester, UK. It all began after attending his first dance at the Brixton Recreation Centre in London headlined by Channel One Sound System and Aba Shanti I. Prez-I fell in love with the roots sound. Keen to share the vibes of Dub music with people, KBI Sound System was created.

KBI had a vision to promote Love, Peace & Unity through Sound System Culture. Through many years of dedication and hard work KBI and crew designed and hand built custom speaker boxes for that tight deep bass sound played through one turntable using vinyl.

Since being in Australia the KBI Sound System and crew have embraced many events across Perth and Melbourne linking up with International and local artists along the way. Events we have been involved with include ‘Teachings in DUB’ a night we promote ourselves in Perth, ‘Fisherman’s Style’ who host a number of international and local artists, ‘Freedom Time’ – Outdoor Tropical/Reggae music event, ‘Bob Marley Outernational’, ‘RTR FM’s Winter Music Festival’, ‘DUB CLUB Melbourne’ – Heartical Hi Power Sound System and ‘RAGGA FEST’ – International artists from NZ, UK and AUS.

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