Heartical Hi Powa The project began in 2002, shortly after Stryka D arrived from the UK and figured that Melbourne needed a purpose built sound system to help promote the culture. The plans were laid out and the construction of what was to be Melbourne’s first dub orientated sound system soon began. Once the sound was complete and eventually a suitable venue was found, the Heartical family formed Dub Club Melbourne to present their flagship event - Basement Sessions. This was a new concept to the local music community, demonstrating how a music culture that began in Jamaica over 50 years ago had gone ‘outernational’ and was now reaching Australia. The live sessions present the complete ‘soundsystem’ experience. Tracks are often ‘versioned’ by live dub mixing and sound shaping through a custom built pre-amp mixer giving a unique sound, while deep infectious selection from extensive record collections and exclusive dubplates are forwarded.

Over a decade later, Heartical continues play for the people with correct weight and treble.

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